Click on the link I’ve made below to see my sister-in-law Carol’s great map work. She is receiving my daily SPOT messages and then putting the info on a Google Map for you all to see.
Thanks, Carol.


11 thoughts on “WHERE I’VE BEEN

  1. Kate, you are our hero. Every time the kids and I go for a bike ride, we pretend we are Kate and cycling across Canada. Hope all is going very well and we wish you the best. YOU ROCK!

    • Now in eastern time zone. Sorry to have missed the post in Nipigon. We ended up there a day after I thought we would and on the weekend. Got some spokes in T-Bay.

  2. Wow! You’re almost in Hastings County, my ancestral home on the Canadian shield…the world’s prettiest rocks and swamps. Get some wild blueberries from roadside stands, and pay whatever exhorbitant sum they ask…totally worth every gold coin.

  3. I am so impressed with all of your accomplishments so far!!
    I love reading your blog…..interesting, humorous, and informative!
    Am happy to hear you will have company for the next part. Hope
    you get that wheel fixed!
    Not far to go now!! Happy pedaling!

  4. All I can say is WOW and congratulations!! Wish I was younger but was thinking to celebrate my 70th maybe I could bike to Saskatchewan?!?!?! Really must come into your shop and meet you in person Kate and congratulate you in person.
    jean in quesnel

  5. Loved reading your blogs, Kate! What an impressive and memorable 40th birthday celebration.
    Looking forward to my next massage…
    Nancy in Quesnel

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