Caught in an April snowfall, Wells, BC 2010

My trusty companion for this trip is a 1991 Apollo Enduro mountain bike purchased in Melbourne, Australia for some touring I did there, long before I knew what I was doing. One of my first discoveries was that the brakes on bikes in the antipodes are mounted opposite to how we do it here – it took a little getting used to, but luckily I never had an over-the-handlebars incident because of that.

I have ridden this bike on several tours over the years:

2006: around the maritimes of Canda – Nova Scotia, PEI, and New Brunswick.

2007: Quesnel to Haida Gwaii and Kispiox, BC

2008: Quesnel to Bella Coola, BC

2009: Quesnel to Horsefly, BC, up the Quesnel River

After a very muddy tour along the Quesnel River, BC 2009

Now, thanks to the help of Randy Hornfeldt, Aaron Read, John Courtney, and Mark Shields, my bike has been transformed into a slick and sophisticated touring machine. The bike was stripped down to the frame, and sanded, primed and painted a lovely retro turquoise. I have 2 new wheels, new-to-me brakes, a complete new drive train with an internally-geared rear hub, a new saddle, a dynamo front hub to power my iPhone and charge my AA and AAA batteries, clip-in pedals, PINK brake cables, full-coverage fenders, a LOUD air horn, and likely a few more fancy luxuries I am forgetting. Check it out:

Transformation complete!!


6 thoughts on “MY BICYCLE

  1. I like the fenders Kate – that will keep the crotch dry! Bike is looking pretty skookum! 😉 I just bought a new bike today – I’ll be ready for a road trip with you one day. Snow in April – Boooo!

  2. Kate, the colour of your bike is beautiful! Love the goodies and the customized build, dynamo hub, way to go.

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