The Long Walk

It’s awhile ago now, and seems a little shady in my memory, (things have been conspiring against blog posts getting uploaded – mostly the weather, but I’ll get to that!), but one reason I came to the UK was to meet my new in-laws. And they of course wanted to meet me, maybe so they could continue to wonder why their son/brother has taken leave of his senses and decided to move to Canada.

At any rate, from my end that all went smoothly: everyone seemed normal enough, I didn’t hear any rumours of skeletons in closets, and they all smelled OK!

I was privileged enough to get my grubby little paws on two delightful photos to share with you as well. Needless to say, and Bill Bryson will back me on this, the Brits can laugh at themselves more than we simple North Americans can. And that is good.





Tim’s parents live within walking distance of Windsor Castle. It’s a long walk, mind, but on a hot and sunny day (oh, those were the days!), it’s a lovely walk through the Windsor Great Park to see the Queen. I was on a bit of a mission, too. My friend Dennis wanted me to ask the Queen if he could have his money back. She was in, apparently, (one can tell from the flag flying atop the castle – when she’s in the flag says, “The Queen is IN“), but she didn’t want to talk to us, even though Tim changed into his new socks especially for the occasion.


She did, however, let us have one quick photo.



3 thoughts on “The Long Walk

  1. It is great that they smelled ok. The Brits did produce wonderful comedy back in the 50’s – The Goons.
    Wonderful post.

  2. Delighted as usual Kate – entice to do the trip although hoping there is sometime ibn the year that is warmer tahn you descibe – Aussie XCanada jaunter Annie

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