Equilibrium and Ennui

It’s April in Wells, BC. It’s snowing and wet and muddy and sunny and raining and hailing and muddy and snowing. It SUCKS. Skiing might be OK if it were ever sunny for more than five minutes in a row, and cycling would be good if it weren’t snowing and muddy and wet and snowing and windy. For outdoor pursuits it’s down to running and snowshoeing, really: two sports one only does when there is nothing better and more fun that can be done. I am vowing never to be in Wells for another April. Ever. That’s not to say I’m leaving Wells for good, it’s just that I will be sure to be away for the better part of next April and for the rest of the Aprils after that too. So if you live in a place where the word April is synonymous with “hope” and “spring” and “change” and “new life” and “anticipation of summer warmth”, expect a visit next April.

The view out my office window on one fine April day. Urg.

One fine April day in Wells – The view out my office window into my neighbour’s haven of all things hillbilly. Urg. (That’s “urg” to the weather, not to the haven of all things hillbilly. I kind of like looking at the hillbilly haven. It’s always interesting and ever-changing.)

Now on to more cheerful stuff. There is a tune I heard a few years ago at a little music festival called ArtsWells. (Check out ArtsWells  – Festival of all Things Art. This year is the 10th Anniversary for the festival). I was sitting on the floor of the packed Sunset Theatre listening to BC musician Corwin Fox, when lo and behold, he played a song about cycling. It’s called Equilibrium. I remembered the song, but didn’t see it on any of Corwin’s recordings that year or in subsequent years. I meant to contact Corwin last spring before I left on my trip to ask if I could somehow get a digital copy of that tune. I wanted to make it part of my trip sound track. I guess I was too busy and didn’t get around to it. Coincidentally, last autumn when I got back from my bike trip Corwin played a gig in Wells, and that song was back on his set list! And, his new recording with fellow musician Raghu Lokanathan under the guise of The Chimney Swallows, includes the song. What luck. Now, if I payed money for this blog I could upload the mp3 file for your listening pleasure, but I don’t. So thank goodness for CBC the good. “Equilibrium” by The Chimney Swallows.

To be honest, I don’t really get the lyrics, but I like the sentiment. I’m such an unsophisticated (read lazy) arts consumer. On that note, while you’re there, click on the “Albums” tab and listen to Raghu’s tune “Fucking Genius”. That one I get. It’s right down on my level.


5 thoughts on “Equilibrium and Ennui

  1. I went for a kayak around the island and saw loons, eagles, geese and ducks. Last weekend I road my bike to Deep Creek ‘n ‘ back. April in McLeese Lake is alive; come for a visit. You can stay in the cottage by the lake. Bring your bike and canoe.

  2. HI Kate,

    ARRgH! This April really is coooollld. The snow is finally melting in Moose Heights so when I can’t get my biking in I rake tons of leaves. I figure it does firm up my stomach abit. Imagine I biked more km in March with snowbanks on each side than in April. This cold North wind really sucks.

    I am almost only a month away from my touring trip to Manitoba.I am gathering the gear and hopefully it will arrive from MEC this week. I have done a few short trips with front panniers loaded and in the back panniers there is my tent and opposite a can of ice tea to balance the weight. Hopefully this next week will warm up and I can seriously do some biking.

    My husband Jim and I are considering fulfilling his dream of a trip to Scotland in July if we can swing it. We are planning to rent a car and stay in B&B,s. Hope it will be warm there.

    One of these days i hope to go to the library to see your photos of your wedding. I did see the one of your trip to Troll carrying your skis. What a fun time that must have been! Tim must be very impressed at your ingenuity.

    We enjoyed the Bluegrass festival today to take our minds off all the yardwork we couldn;t do.

    bye for now


  3. Yahoo!….Wells in April…I”m on my way home…..I’m sick of all this warm weather and blooming trees on Vancouver Island. Time for some more kite-canoeing on the ice at Bowron!

  4. Hey listened to the song. I like it too! I was listener #194. I don’t know how they made those sounds with a guitar and banjo. (I’m sorry – I can’t stop this analytical tic I have)

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